Fish Species of the Kenai Peninsula

king-salmon-fishingKing (Chinook) Salmon

Available mid-May through July 31

The King is the largest of all the salmon species. The Kenai is home to the world record weighing in at 97 lbs. 4 oz.! Typically Kings run 30-60 lbs., with many larger fish caught each year. People worldwide come to the Kenai to have a chance at battling one of these giants.

Joss with Silver SalmonSilver (Coho) Salmon

Available August 1 through October 31

Silvers are the most aggressive of the Pacific salmon. They will often follow a lure right to the boat! Once hooked, they like to show their stuff and leap from the water. On average, Silver salmon run anywhere between 8-20 lbs., 10 lbs. being average.

sockeye-salmonRed (Sockeye) Salmon

Available June through late August

Said to be the “Best” eating of all the salmon, reds stay close to the river banks on their upstream migration making them accessible to shore anglers. They are available in mid-June on the upper Kenai and Russian rivers as well as the lower Kenai in July through late August. The average is 6-12 lbs and are regarded as one of the hardest fighting fish, pound for pound.

Pink Salmon with Advantage AnglingPink (Humpy) Salmon

Available August through September

Humpies run up the Kenai every other year (even years – 2006, 2008, etc.). They arrive in large numbers and are aggressive biters. They provide lots of action and taste great smoked or canned. The unusual hump on the backs of the males occurs during their spawning migration, hence the name “humpy”. They average 3-6 lbs.

Rainbow TroutRainbow Trout

Available June 15 through October

Kenai Rainbows are prized for their beauty, size and strength. They can provide non-stop action for novice and experienced anglers alike. They average 1-3 lbs. with some pushing 20lbs.! This is a trophy fishery, after a quick photo, we release them to fight another day.

Dolly Varden Char with Advantage AnglingDolly Varden Char

Available May through October

“Dollies” are close cousins of Brook and Lake trout. They have a dark background with light spots. This species is usually caught right along side of Rainbow trout. And like trout, we release them after a quick photo. Their average size is 1 to 3 lbs with some approaching 10 lbs. They are fall spawners and display beautiful colors at that time.

Steelhead with Advantage AnglingSteelhead

Available May-June and September-October

Steelies are a sea-run rainbow trout that act like a trout and a salmon. They spawn in the spring and are available to catch on the Kasilof river in the spring (May and June) and in the fall. They run into the rivers of the lower Kenai peninsula in very late August and continue through September and October. Their average size is 6-12 lbs with some reaching 20 lbs. They can be caught on fly, spin or trolloing gear. Steelhead are a prized trophy fish and are all catch and release.